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Very limited

I use the Submittable website every day. I’ve used it from both sides—as an editor and submitter—and it’s invaluable. But this app only has about 20% of the website’s functionality, and it seems to be in a holding pattern without new features in the works. The discover feature works great. But be warned, you can’t use the app to review submissions as an editor or to create new submissions as a writer. Seems pricey, given those limitations.


I’m just having trouble submitting. Everytime I select “submit” the loading symbol would pop-up, and I would wait 10 minutes but it doesn’t bring me to the submission screen.

Seems nice....?

I can’t find any specified writing or film opportunities to submit to, it needs to be better categorized. Also a filter by location would be really helpful. But I guess it does what it says it’ll do. You’ll just have to put in majority of the grunt work to find something suitable. It also didn’t accept my gmail account as an adequate email to sign up, which was weird.

Functions are very limited

I am a co-EIC for a publication that uses Submittable, and I thought that having the app would help me keep on track of incoming submissions. Unfortunately, you can't access submissions to your organization on this app at all—you can only track your own submissions. It says this very clearly inside the app, but it is not mentioned in the app store description so that there is no way of knowing before you buy it. It is now completely useless to me, and I wasted $5 all because the substantial limitations of this app were conveniently avoided in the product description.

It's fine! But...

The app does what is says it will, but I'm not sure it's really offering all that much beyond what you get from the mobile site. And since we all get email notifications on our phones, I just end up getting notified of my rejections twice (email and through the app). Needs to go beyond what's available on their free website to be worth it.

Good but...

It's good to have an app and a place that saves your submissions but the annoying thing is that you can choose your preferences for what you want (art, literature, etc.) but when you view the listings it doesn't really filter what you don't want out, so the preference is useless. You have to view everything.

Just a big list

Even though the app asks for your search preferences upon log-in, the resulting list of opportunities shows everything from art contests to non-fiction writing (though I only selected poetry). More annoyingly, once I'm following a magazine, I can't sort the opportunities list by "just following" (as you can on the website). The app looks nice, but you're better off with the free site.

Great idea disappointing algorithm

I like the concept of this app but The algorithm needs work. Despite expressing that I'm only interested art related submissions the app primarily suggests writing opportunities. It would be more valuable to me to have 4 or 5 opportunities that apply to me and my needs than hundreds that don't. In fact having to sift through a bunch of things that aren't even in the same category makes it harder, not easier to find things that apply to me specifically. If this is fixed this app will be awesome, but at the moment it's not worth it.

Fine for own submissions; bad for managing others'

If you're looking for a sleek app that can manage your submissions, this seems to work fine for that. I, however, presumed it could--like on Submittable's website--allow me to manage others' submissions for my journal. This is not the case. For $5, it really needs to. As it sits, it's a pretty stripped-down app for its price-point.

Love it! Best place to find opportunities. The. Best.

Submittable has changed my life. There has never been a bette app for discovering great writing opportunities. I will now certainly finish that novel. Wish me luck!

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